Wednesday, August 20, 2014

 Update :D
So I'm gonna add some things that have worked for me off pinterest coz I cant show my face (stay safe kids lol)and I might show you some vids off youtube occasionally so that will hopefully make up for it and But I will still show hauls but soz if its bad quality im not the best at editing love lil
Okay guys so your probs wondering why did she post a pic of a sausage dog well let me enlighten you (lol)this is my dog who I absolutely loved to death but he died :( and this was last year but I thought you might like that bit of info

So I just told my bff about this fail of a blog but who cares?! so I use my Mums computer and right now and old computer=LAG so I will try to add photos a stuff so my blog will not be as such fail. Anyways today was book day and I dressed up as Hazel Grace Lancester from T.F.I.O.S (the fault in our stars) and I made these shoes and now I'm in love with them so I will make a future post on how I made those and you can personalize them anyway you want srs/sly, I might not make the shoes I wore today but who cares?! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Okay, soz, so I'm bad at blogging but here's a catch up of what's been happening: I got a pixie cut, my birthday has been and gone, I've made two friends who aren't fake, I have gained a crush and that's basically it. Thanx for reading :D